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Welcome to the website dedicated to Nutritional Iso Degrees (NID).

This is an experimental tool. If a team wants to work on it to help it validation. Please go ahead. This tool needs to be more accurate. It will never tell the "truth" of a situation but will mark a situation as abnormal. The rest of the assessment must be made by clinicians.

To apply please fill correct information abour your identity, function and medical specialty. If I will not accept the application.



For more information about this project, you can read a full description on the next page: project description


Take part

If you are from the medical world and want to get involved in this project using the tools at your disposal for free, click here to register.


Your registration is completely free and once validated by our administrator, will give you access to a range of useful tools for calculating and monitoring of your patients NID :

  • Patient record management
  • Calculation of Nutritional Iso Degrees per patient
  • Monitoring the patient's chart
  • ...