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Project description

description du projet DIN

The Nutritional Iso Degrees is a tool designed by Didier Buffet. It has multiple purposes. The main objective is to provide an International Prognostic Scoring System (IPSS) for nutritional status.


  • Asses patients nutritional status in four homogenous risk groups
  • Allow medical specialties to use this tool in the long run  to assess and manage nutritional status (oncology, geriatrics, general practitioneers,  elderly homes)
  • Deliver anonymous datas for statistics by age, sex, socioprofessional groups chronical diseases)
  • Asses nutritional status impact on health and treatments
  • Delay the appearance of morbidity, disability and dependence.
  • Decrease health costs due to undernutrition conséquences
  • Ameliorate epidemiology and understanding of elderly undernutrition  and evaluate this tool to experts throughout the world
  • Create a International Observatory of Elderly Nutrition
  • Induce new stratégies to fight elderly undernutrition
  • Experiment and asses new Parenteral, enteral and oral diets.